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This will be the referee who will administer justice in Serie A matches

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Ferrieri Caputi will be the first female referee in Serie A. From August she will register in the group of referees of Serie A and Serie B.

Ferrieri Caputi is part of category C and is also the director of international matches. She is thirty-two years old, originally from Livorno.

In December 2021 she became the first woman to lead an Italian elite football league team, directing the match of the 32nd round of the Italian Cup between Cagliari and Cittadellas.

In October she directed the first match of Serie B between Cittadellas and Spali.

The nominee for Serie A and B referees, Gianluca Rocchi, said she comes to administer justice in Serie A matches because she deserves it.

"I can guarantee that if a woman comes to referee in Serie A, it is because she deserves it." he said.