Turkish actresses who became Albanian brides

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Turkish actresses who thanks to their roles in several different series for the Albanian public became known and much loved.

Their ties with Albanians became stronger after their hearts were abducted by Albanian men, writes rtv21.tv

Erbu Sahin, Ebru Ozkan, Hazal Şenel, are the actresses who crowned their love with engagements and marriages with Albanians.

In Kosovo, everyone knows him with the role of "Rejani" from the series "Hercai", Ebru has been in a relationship with the basketball player Cedi Osmani, who was born in Ohrid, for many years now, and this summer the couple got engaged.

Ebru Ozkan who became known to the Albanian public with the role of "Dilara". She is considered one of the most professional Turkish actresses. She is married to Albanian actor from Skopje Ertan Shabani, who also has considerable fame in Turkey.

Well-known Turkish TV series actress Hazal elenel stole the heart of the Albanian singer, Bertan Asllani. The famous couple got engaged last summer.

Alina Boz, known for many roles in Turkish series, for four years in a row was in a relationship with the Turkish actor of Albanian origin Burak Yoruk./21Media