A 26-year-old man was arrested for domestic violence

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Police in Ferizaj today arrested a man for domestic violence.

Sh.Q was escorted to the police station in Ferizaj and after being interviewed by investigators, by decision of the Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj, he was taken into custody for 48 hours, for further investigative procedures.

“The Regional Police of Ferizaj on 12.01.2022 around 22:30 had received information that on the road. '' Tirana '' in Ferizaj was a case of domestic violence in progress. In this regard, the police took the necessary actions and immediately went to the scene, but the suspect with the initials SH.Q (M / K) 26 years old, after having exercised physical violence against his wife several times , had fled from there in an unknown direction, while the victim was taken by the police to the shelter and the case was reported to the State Prosecutor, the Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence and the Center for Social Work.

The Regional Investigation Police, respectively, the Regional Sector of Domestic Violence, after an intensive investigative work, today around 09:00 in the street "Ramadan Ferizi" in Ferizaj, have managed to arrest the suspect Sh.Q. ", informed the police ./21Media