A laboratory for processing narcotic substances is identified, 179 cannabis plants are seized

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A laboratory for processing narcotic substances was identified and 179 cannabis plants were seized in a house in the village of "Prugoc" in the Municipality of Prishtina.

The Basic Prosecution in Prishtina-Department of Serious Crimes, has announced that it has led today an action in full coordination with the Kosovo Police, after undertaking investigative actions, so that with the approval of the competent court, from the raid carried out in the village of Prugoc in the municipality of Prishtina, in the rented house of a suspect, an improvised laboratory for the production of narcotics was identified and 179 narcotic plants of different lengths of cannabis type were found and seized.

The suspect is currently on the run.

"In this criminal case, law enforcement agencies have identified a suspect, who is currently on the run, while the prosecution in coordination with the police are taking all necessary actions to find the location of the suspect and take procedural actions against him. the same ”, is announced in the notification of the Prosecution./21Media