Albania celebrates 109 years of Independence, celebrations in Vlora, controls on the border with Kosovo are removed

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Albania celebrates today the 109th anniversary of Independence. Prime Minister Edi Rama conveyed the first congratulations on Flag Day.

"Happy November 28" writes Rama.

The main celebrations for this holiday are expected to be moved to Vlora, where the works for the airport will start.

The estimated value of the investment is almost 104 million euros, but environmentalists have raised the alarm that the construction near the protected area Vjosa-Narta "could cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem of the shelter of many species of birds."

Vlora Airport is planned to cover an area of ​​297 hectares, while the works will be carried out by a consortium of companies led by the Kosovar entrepreneur, Behgjet Pacolli.

The Municipality of Vlora will also hold a big festive concert at 18:00. For this reason, the blocking of the segment from the intersection known as Alexandria-Skelë Roundabout was announced yesterday. The axis will be out of vehicle access to precede Independence celebrations.

This is the third year in a row that the country does not celebrate with all the activities it deserves this day. The last two years have been limited by anti-Covid measures, while in 2019 due to the November 26 earthquake that took the lives of 51 citizens.

However, in today's celebrations in Vlora and Tirana or in other cities of the country are expected to have many Albanians from Kosovo and other areas.

In the meeting on Thursday of the 2 governments, that of Kosovo and Albania, it was decided that at the border between the two countries there will be traffic relief, especially the main crossing point of the two countries, in Morina.

The two Ministries of Interior have agreed on a system of monitoring customs points with cameras without physical controls, making the border completely fluid. A camera system will be set up at the border and traffic will be non-stop./Oranews