Albania did not declare days of mourning for the victims of the accident in Bulgaria, Besa Kokëdhima reacts: Shame

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Singer Besa Kokëdhima reacted after Albania did not declare a day of mourning for the victims of the tragic accident in Bulgaria.

Besa has called shame what Albania did.

"46 compatriots lost their lives. Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia & Kosovo have declared days of mourning. What about the mother country? Shame ” wrote Besa Kokëdhima on InstaStory.

Yesterday morning a tragedy gripped Northern Macedonia. A bus of the company "Besa trans" from Skopje, with mostly Albanian passengers, rolled over and caught fire in Bulgaria, while returning to the country tourists who were for a weekend in Istanbul, Turkey. In the accident, 46 people lost their lives and 7 others were injured. Among the victims are 12 children.

The Government of Kosovo, like that of Bulgaria, has declared November 24 a day of national mourning. Northern Macedonia, meanwhile, has declared three days of mourning.21Media