The animated film "Encanto", now and online

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Seven weeks after its cinematic debut, the Disney animated film "Encanto" was offered a second chance to launch.

The film's soundtracks, which include songs by Hamilton filmmaker Lin Manuel Miranda, became part of the album that topped the US charts this week on the Billboard 200, topping Adele with "30".

The movie "Encanto" was also the most watched on the Disney + platform in the first two weeks after its online launch on December 24, the company said in an email.

As for family movies, during the pandemic they encountered problems with their pursuit in cinemas. This happened because the parents did not send their children there to watch the movies for fear that they might become infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Disney last week announced that the Pixar movie "Turning Red" will also be removed from cinemas to be launched at Disney +, in markets where this service is available.

As for the movie "Encanto", it is a musical that talks about a Colombian girl who is born without the power of magic, as her family members have.

According to ticket sales figures for this film last year, $ 90.6 million was earned from it in the country.

Many moviegoers can now continue to watch the movie on the Disney + service, which has over 118 million subscribers worldwide.

That way, kids can see it whenever they want at home, something Disney encourages through social media.

This movie also became popular on TiKTok, where users post videos imitating songs.

In other words, Encanto is the 60th movie Disney has produced. It is directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard.

He has received positive reviews, such as for presenting emotions, for animation and music.

This film in the world cinemas has earned 216 million US dollars, thus ranking as the animated film that has won the most in 2021.

Encanto has been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards, while winning in the category "Best Animated Film".21Media