Ensemble "Çeta e Profetëve" winner of the 32nd edition of the Festival "Hasi Jehon"

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With the award ceremony, last night ended the 32nd edition of the Festival "Hasi Jehon", in which the award "Highlander" was won by the ensemble "Çeta e Profetëve" from Kruma e Hasit.

The jury composed of Sami Piraj (chairman of the jury), Asim Canolli, Hysen Dida, Dilaver Kryeziu and Muhamet Lushaj has made the traditional awards of the Festival. Samir Piraj, chairman of the Commission said that the festival has managed to address the most essential problems of the values ​​of spiritual and musical heritage.

"This edition is also prominent with many features that mark it as a significant cultural event. Of course, it has been very difficult to stay at the forefront of problems which are practically present in our lives such as Covid 19 and other problems. However, there are many features that mark it as a unique Festival for now in Kosovo and this event, this cultural event I hope to be part of the institutional preservation of spiritual and material heritage. I say this for many reasons and one of them is such a dignified organization of the Ensemble "Malësori" as a de facto generator of this Festival headed by the chairman Haziz Hodaj ", said Sami Piraj.

Piraj has also revealed the prices that have been shared.

The “Highlander” Award - “Company of Prophets” from Kruma e Hasit

"Highlander" Award - Ensemble "Deçani" from Deçan

"Lahuta" Award - Ensemble "Bresana" from Bresana

"Nazmije Totaj" Award - Mamure Belaj from Kaçanik

The most objective rite-Ensemble "Bresana" from Bresana

The most distinguished group of rhapsodists - "Hajvalia" from Hajvalia

Indigenous costumes - "Deçani" from Deçani

The best choreography-Ensemble "Bajram Curri" Prishtina

The best group of dancers - "Anamorava" Year

The best duo of dancers - the duo of the Ensemble "Deçani" from Deçan

The best dancer-Rilindë Gjonbalaj "Vuthaj" Montenegro

The best dancer - Fahri Musa from the Ensemble "Anamorava" Viti

Most Distinguished Rhapsody-Progress Brati from Kruma

The most distinguished orchestra - "Bajram Curri" Prishtina

The distinguished instrumentalist met Muharrem Dibra from Kruma, Albania./21Media