Attacked police, 20-year-old arrested in Suhareka

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A 20-year-old was arrested on Fridayçgold for the criminal offense "Assault on an official person".

The patrol unit of the Police Station in Suhareka, while issuing a ticket to a traffic offender, as a sign of dissatisfaction with the decisions of police officers, the latter began to insult and threaten police officers with words.

Police officers escorted the suspect AZ, born in 2002, to the police station in Suhareka for his misconduct.

In the notification of the Police, it is further announced that the suspect with the same behavior acted in the police station, hitting the police officers, and trying to escape from the police station.

"In an attempt to escape from the police station, he attacked two police officers, where the suspect hit him in the neck, grabbed him by the throat and tore his uniform, while the other officer kicked him in the knees and abdomen, causing him bodily injury. The suspect was interviewed in the presence of the defense lawyer, about the case, the state prosecutor was informed and the prosecutor's order the suspect is detained for 48 hours., reads the announcement.

The case is being investigated by the regional investigation department in Prizren.21Media