Bad News Eagles rivals learn in the next race

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The Kosovar video game team Bad News Eagle is continuing with great success in the strongest competition in the world Major League.

At noon today, they faced the team from Turkey Eternal Fire against which they triumphed with a result of 16:14, thus successfully passing the first series of this competition.

Now, from 18:15, their second fight will take place, where they are facing the Russian team, ForZe in CS: GO.

"Bad News Eagle" in the confrontation with the Turkish team were throughout the best rounds maintaining the lead. They even created a 5-1 advantage at the beginning, but then the Turkish team had an increase and until the end a fierce fight took place that resulted in the great victory of the Albanian team.

This success was enjoyed by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, who from America cheered for "our team of the heart, Bad News Eagles. We achieved the desired qualification, now forward to victory. Go Eagles 🦅".

Bad News Eagles have written stories last month triumphing to Sinners with a score of 2: 1, thus securing the ticket to Belgium. Thus, Bad News Eagles became the first Albanian team to qualify for the big CS: GO tournament, "PLG Antwerp Major 2022".21Media