Be careful, these foods are not allowed in the microwave

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The microwave can be an extremely useful device, but you also have to be careful. As for the food you decide to heat, in the microwave, you will find information in detail below.

Because yes many times we have all heard of containers that can melt, cause fire or release harmful toxins. But it is not just containers that are dangerous. Equally big problems can be caused by the food itself that we put in the microwave. Their heating causes toxins, they can even cause explosions.

What are they?

Peeled eggs

High temperatures in the microwave oven create vapors inside the egg and as it boils and the pressure rises it can explode.

Chili peppers

The capsaicin peppers (The compound that determines how hot peppers are) evaporate when exposed to the high temperatures of the microwave oven. The peppers will not explode but the fumes will not be absent either and it is best to avoid them.

Cup of water

Heating a cup of water for tea or for any other purpose in the microwave may be convenient but not safe. A cup of water in the microwave can be heated but not boiling and when you then add tea, coffee or anything else it can be thrown out causing burns on your hands, e.g.

Unripe rice

Rice can contain seeds of potentially dangerous bacteria and the heat of the microwave oven can not kill them, so there is a strong risk of food poisoning.