Bekteshi accuses the Municipality of Manastir: "He manipulated the public lighting" - the Municipality denies

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Public lighting according to the law is an obligation of each municipality, but last night the Minister of Economy of Northern Macedonia, Kreshnik Bekteshi said that the Municipality of Bitola has taken a decision by which they allegedly handed over the obligation to a new company which does not have 50 employees and in this way to pay the price of electricity which is mainly targeted at households.

The Municipality of Bitola does not agree with these claims of Minister Bekteshi. From there in response to TV21 they say that “the minister should know that this public company is already in the regulated market and pays for street lighting in the area of ​​Zaben, which means that it is legally registered under the Law on Energy and consequently comes the opportunity to manage public lighting in the territory of the Municipality of Bitola and the former municipalities of Bistrica, Capari and Kukurecani, but for which EVN has not accepted the change of user, an answer should be sought from EVN and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

"The accusations are completely inaccurate and at the same time it is very unserious for a minister in the Government to present speculations and unverified information. What is true is that the Municipality of Bitola pays a very high price for electricity and only the last bill is close to 10 million denars and due to the complete inability of the Government to manage the energy crisis "- stated by the Municipality of Bitola for TV21 .

The document provided by TV21 shows the decision by which the Municipality of Bitola transferred the obligation of public lighting to the new company JP SIZ ZHabani.