Bislimi: Serbia interested in blocking license plate agreement

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The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo for European Integration, Development and Dialogue, Besnik Bislimi, today welcomed the German Ambassador to the Western Balkans, Manuel Sarrazi, who informed him about Kosovo's commitment to dialogue with Serbia.

Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi, as informed by the Office of the Prime Minister, said that regarding the last round of talks, Kosovo has been committed to reach a permanent agreement on the issue of license plates, respecting the best practices and standards of the European Union. .

He stressed that the agreement was not reached due to lack of will and concrete proposal from the other side, which reflected their interest in blocking the reaching of this agreement and respecting the Brussels agreement of September 30. As Bislimi said, Kosovo continues to be constructive, creative and committed to this process.

Bilsmi also expressed deep appreciation for the close cooperation between the two countries and Germany's continued support for Kosovo's European integration process, including visa liberalization, membership in the Council of Europe and the road to the European Union.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi expressed gratitude for the commitment of Mr. "Sarrazin in the Western Balkans and the important role of the German state," the statement said.21Media