The conference on the progress of the case in the case of Pjetër Shala in The Hague ends

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A conference on the progress of the case against the former member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Pjetër Shala, was held today in the Specialized Chambers in The Hague. It discussed the investigation process, translations and extraction of materials.

Shala's defense stated that the translation of the preliminary file into Albanian should be treated with priority, while regarding the investigations he said that they have made progress and the first trip is expected to be made at the end of February.

However, lawyer Jean-Louis Gilissen has said they are facing difficulties during the investigation process due to the situation with COVID-19.

"The translation of the preliminary file of the prosecution into Albanian should be treated with high priority for defense…. We have managed to make progress in some aspects, we have identified the main objective of our first mission in the field and we are making our plans based on the information we received from the field, a first mission, our first trip at the end of February. "beginning of March, of course depending on the health conditions", he said.

Shala's lawyer said that he will be able to analyze the documents in full, when the preliminary file is submitted.

"We expect the SPO to start identifying the evidence that will be the subject of possible objections to the admissibility from the point of view of the defense. "I believe that when all the materials and the preliminary file are removed, as well as the SPO table, then we will be in a position to analyze all the documents in their entirety and completeness", he said.

Whereas, regarding the issuance of materials according to rule 102 (3) the defense has stated that they have received a package of 400 documents, among which are 96 exculpatory materials.

According to the lawyer, not all the exculpatory materials available to the prosecution have been released.

"I think it is the duty and obligation of the SPO to review and issue all exculpatory materials in its possession and unfortunately this obligation has not been fulfilled, it has not been done properly by the SPO. We have received 96 exculpatory documents, as exculpatory material, after we have selected them from the list of notification of rule 102 (3) ", said Gilissen.

The accused Pjetër Shala followed the conference via video link.

Pjetër Shala was arrested on March 16, 2021 by the Belgian authorities and transferred to The Hague on April 15, 2021, based on a request for cooperation in the implementation of the arrest warrant and the transfer order issued by the Specialized Chambers of Kosovo.