Double celebration at the house of the singer Alban Skenderaj

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Today there is a double celebration in the house of the singer, Alban Skenderaj. One holiday is that of November 28th, while the other is his daughter's birthday.

Through a post on social networks, Albani wished his daughter a happy birthday, telling her that since she came to life, his life is no longer black and white.

Dad's small and big love. Anyway, today I am sad because it is the first time that I will not be with you to celebrate your birthday but you, you were born on a special day and I, although I miss you more, will celebrate and sing your song just like I had you in my arms. Happy soul. I love you endlessly ", the singer wished the girl.

The artist has not forgotten to wish the Flag Day to all compatriots.

Happy Feast of the Beloved Patriot Flag wherever you are. Live with honor and pride for your origin but at the same time all without exception, in our little one, with concrete actions, let us do the best that our homeland has a prosperous future for generations to come ", Albani wrote.

The latest musical project by the artist is "Heart over heart", which he brought in collaboration with his wife, Mariam Cani./21Media