Drama! How does the 'trilogy' of Elgit Doda end?

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Artist Elgit Doda is known for his artistic creativity, which recently became the main news with the songs "Toxic Love" and "Ku je".

Doda had warned that in the sequel of the songs another one would be published, which marks the end of this trilogy.

"A toxic love that you ask for and tell him where you are .. but in the end he realizes that that love is not for you .. soon", Elgiti wrote on Instagram.

'Drama' is transmitted and related to the situation created by actor Donald Veshaj.

As he hints through posts on social networks, Doda seems to say that this will be a response to the situation created either inside the house of Big Brother Albania Vip, or outside it by his close friend, actor Donald Veshaj.

What has Elgit Doda prepared ?! Expected to be seen in the coming days!/ 21Media