Foods you can eat without fear if you are hungry at night

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For some people eating at night is a nightmare and for some, it is a constant cause for joke. However, this process can become very easy and harmless if you replace sausages with healthy foods like cheese and popcorn

Here are 9 of them:


Scientists from Harvard advise eating something light at night. For example, they recommend eating a few slices of cheese that taste good enough to satisfy the taste receptors and will not be too difficult for the body to digest.


According to nutrition experts, Greek yogurt is perfect for a dinner party because it does not contain a lot of fat, but it does contain a lot of protein. According to studies, protein in yogurt does not make you feel full, but also helps the body burn more calories during the day


Nutrition expert Erika Kannall advises people who like snacks at night to eat a bowl of unsalted popcorn. This type of snack will not affect body shape


A boiled egg contains only 75 kcal. According to Erika Kannall, such a snack will allow you to forget about hunger until morning and will not turn into extra cm in your waist


A vegetable salad for example would be a super choice. We recommend eating green vegetables because they contain the type of carbohydrates that will keep you full until morning.

Apple sauce with cinnamon

Healthy food specialist Karen Borsari recommends eating cinnamon apples for those who like to eat sweet foods at night. You can also add a handful of raisins

A glass of cherry juice

Of course, we mean natural cherry juice. Studies show that this juice has a positive effect on sleep quality, making it deeper and longer

A banana

Despite the fact that this fruit is digested quite quickly, it is unlikely to wake you up a second time during the night. Bananas contain a lot of potassium and magnesium that help us relax. It also contains melatonin which according to various studies, improves sleep quality.