For now, only the company is guilty, it has crossed the border 113 times without a license

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More than a month ago, the bus of the company "Besa trans" passed the technical control and there were no omissions which show that irregularities have been registered. Within this year, it has crossed the border 113 times with the license certificate of another vehicle.

"It is evident that certificates have been used by other vehicles and therefore now it is necessary in the framework of this investigation to prove all these facts, to have criminal liability for all these omissions that have been made during the last period regarding with vehicle registration. "You know that all licenses are registered by the Customs Administration of the RMV and the procedure that has been implemented within the Customs Administration for the specific case of" Deve Bair "to continue for other border crossings where this vehicle has entered and exited", said Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Internal Affairs of Northern Macedonia.

The two deceased drivers were not registered as employees of the company.

"The first driver is not employed in the company and had a certificate valid until 11/2023. The second driver was also not registered as an employee to perform the activity. The certificate had expired in 2020, in September. In our country, from March we have a stalemate in obtaining driver's licenses. "In recent months, we have 1500 drivers whose certificates have expired and they have to take the exam again", declared the Minister of Transport and Communications, Blagoj Boçvarski.

The authorities do not see themselves as responsible for the moment and blame the company.

"Everyone who has violated the law must be held accountable. Wherever the mistake lies, he must be held accountable. Until this moment, according to the information we have, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has no violations because they have the obligation to register new vehicles or request a license certificate, additional documentation according to law have legal entities that carry out transport such ", added Boçvarski.

According to initial information, the bus burned itself after the first collision, while the reasons are still being confirmed. "Besa Trans" had two licenses. They have received the license for international transport, while the one for urban transport had already expired./TV21