From May 10-13, no victims of human trafficking are identified

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Various police units and institutions outside the police are involved in the implementation of the operational plan "Identification of children in street situations as potential victims of trafficking."

From 10.05.2022 to 13.05.2022, from the field reports, the following results were achieved and the following activities were recorded:

Identification of 44 begging children, of which 36 Kosovar citizens and 8 Albanian citizens.

Identification of 22 adult beggars, of which 14 Kosovar citizens and 8 Albanian citizens.

The number of suspects against whom a criminal report has been filed is a total of 16 persons.

All children encountered asking for alms were referred to the relevant CSW.

After the verification, the citizens of Albania were referred to the Directorate for Migration and Foreigners for further treatment according to the law on foreigners.

All children begging were accompanied by their families and provided with documents. No victims of human trafficking were identified during the police proceedings.21Media