Germany supports Kosovo's application to the Council of Europe

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla, received today the Special Envoy for the Western Balkans, Manuel Sarrazi. The latter said that Germany supports Kosovo's application to the Council of Europe, and is in favor of visa liberalization for the country.

The special envoy for the Western Balkans said that the German government, before the war or the extension of the war of the great Russian occupation of Ukraine, decided that the Western Balkans should be one of the main priorities of their common foreign and European policy.

"It is quite clear to the German government that we need Germany to be clear and to facilitate the EU membership of the six countries, and this is in fact my mandate, to facilitate your accession process to the European Union and to promote the agenda. "Green," he said.

Sarrazin also spoke about visa liberalization for Kosovo, which he said is an urgent need.

"We know that in this region we have a very difficult situation regarding strategic decisions. We are facing the issue of Northern Macedonia - Bulgaria. We really need an urgent need for visa liberalization for Kosovo. So it is clear that if visa liberalization is put on a list of topics in the crucial European commissions, then we will vote in favor and you can trust that. This is what we can do, the German vote is pro. We have also talked to our partners who we think have met all the criteria. "We follow the position of the commission and try to be convincing in our arguments why it is fair and necessary to do so," he said.

While he also welcomed Kosovo's application to the Council of Europe.

"The application was brought by Donika yesterday in Strasbourg. Germany recognizes Kosovo as an independent state, so of course, we really want Kosovo to become a member of all institutions that is possible. And we are in favor of this application, we will support it with our capacities. "Also, we will do everything in our power to be useful in this process and we will coordinate this with you," he said.

While Minister Gërvalla after the meeting said that they talked about many topics related to Germany and Kosovo, the region and the geopolitical situation in the world.

"We are very grateful for the continuous and extraordinary support to all governments that have given Kosovo, we are pleased that the new government, the new chancellor in the first meeting with Prime Minister Kurti, said that the German position will be even more active than in recent months on regional challenges in the Western Balkans. "The Berlin process is a very important process of regional integration, the regional market as well, so I am particularly pleased to hear again that Germany will be very, I will emphasize even more its commitment to these processes," said Gërvalla.