Haradinaj strongly opposes the increase in electricity prices

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The head of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, announced today that the AAK has called a parliamentary debate on the enormous increase in the prices of basic items.

He also announced that ERO has raised a proposal for an increase in electricity prices, which could reach over 80%, a proposal that Haradinaj has strongly opposed.

Full statement:

The Alliance has called for a parliamentary debate on the huge increase in the prices of basic items for this Thursday. Meanwhile, ERO has just submitted a proposal for the increase of electricity prices, which for the average household consumer can reach over 80%.

This is unaffordable.

Therefore, I call on the Government, in this period when inflation has increased the price of the daily basket of citizens, to allocate a budget to cover the additional cost from the current price of energy. This should not remain at an indefinite level of government discussion.21Media