The play "Hollyshit" is welcomed by the public of Gjilan

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AA, last night, on the third night of the Albanian Drama Festival 'Talia e Flakës', which is held within the Manifestation "Flaka e Janarit 2022" had the opportunity to watch the play "Hollyshit", directed by Ilir Bokshi, out of the official competition .

The show, as announced in the announcement, came as a replacement for that "Five Days King" of the Korça Theater, which failed to travel to Gjilan, due to new anti-Covid measures, although it was planned in the festival program for tonight.

The comedy "Hollyshit", as announced by the municipality of Gjilan, was well received by Gjilan art lovers, present in considerable numbers, while the play of actors Ylber Bardhi and Adrian Morina, who were transformed by interpreting different characters, according to the directorial concept of dramatized by the author's fable, was quite seductive to the cultivated public here.

"Hollyshit" highlights and ironizes a situation, which in everyday reality passes without being emphasized. The play is set in a part of Ireland, while talking about a town-province, which is "occupied" by a Hollywood production, which will shoot a movie. Hollywood statisticians being exploiters, on the other hand, also come out as contemptuous of their colleagues, the Irish 'statists'.

The Albanian Drama Festival "Talia Flakës" started on January 23 and will last until January 28, when the awards ceremony will take place./21Media

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