Ibrahim Tatlises hits the eldest son

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Ibrahim Tatlises is one of the most famous singers in Turkey. Ibrahimi is constantly part of the Turkish media, both for music and for his personal life.

A post on social media last week became the apple of contention between Ibrahim and his eldest son.

Ibrahim Tatlises, on Father's Day on social media, wrote "Father is loved. "Those who do not value the father are the son of the fool." This post was taken as a shocking statement about his son Ahmet Tatlıses, with whom he has no contact.

Ahmet Tatlıses responded to his father's accusations and said of his father: "My suspicions about his mental health have increased."

On the other hand, Ibrahimi reacted by calling on a show on Beyaz TV, saying that when he was shot in the head in 2011, Ahmeti went directly to the company and emptied the safe. "Why don't other children do it, he does."

Ibrahimi further stated that they separated from Ahmeti's mother 45 years ago, but the care for them has always continued, even though it was abused.

"I do not victimize any woman, everything I have is theirs. Ahmeti, is the one who has committed the biggest betrayal. I do not know what they want from me. I give everything, I still can not get rid of it. I'm 70 years old, I still go on stage. I have had enough. Do I have to deal with my health or do I have to deal with them? "I am satisfied with all my children, except the eldest", declared among others Tatlises.

The 70-year-old singer was married 4 times and had children from each of his wives. Ibrahim is the father of seven children./21Media