In Shtime 28 November is celebrated by donating blood

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For five years now, every November 28, the inhabitants of the village of Pjetërshtica of Shtime, make a voluntary blood donation, but this year is even more special, as it is dedicated to the member of the voluntary initiative of this village, Semedin Dugolli, who died of the virus. Covid-19.

The mayor of Shtime, Naim Ismajli recalled the good deeds of Samedin Dugolli and stressed that he was one who has done a lot for this initiative and has never asked for anything in return.

"All blood donation actions are very important and special. But the action of blood donation is beyond the humanitarian one because today the biggest needs are for blood for the fact that it is a product that is not produced. And such a way of organizing and choosing November 28 as the day make this action magnificent. This year is special because it is dedicated to a co-founder of this initiative, a friend of ours not only your friend, he was our friend, who gave a great contribution in the establishment of the initiative, and in the general actions that have been " , said Ismajli.

Whereas, Faik Ramadani from the Voluntary Initiative Pjetërstica said that we will remember the late activist of this initiative Semedin Dugolli as a co-founder.

"We find it very difficult to talk about our dear friend because in addition to being a great humanist, he was also a guide for us of all good things. For us he has been a teacher and counselor for human deeds and behaviors. "He was a practitioner and an example of how a friend should be honored and honored," he said.

The Director of Blood Transfusion, Bukurije Zhubi said that this day this time is dedicated to the pious humanist, Semedin Dugolli.

"This day marks, among many activities, the activity of voluntary blood donation, which this time for the sake of the 5th anniversary of voluntary blood donation is dedicated as a sign of gratitude to the voluntary blood donor and promoter and the devoted blood humanist, "Mr. Semedin Dugolli", she said.

Bukurije Zhubi shared gratitude for the Dugolli family, President Naim Ismaijli, the Pjetërshtica Humanitarian Initiative and a representative of the Second Battalion.