Istog won the Kosovo Cup for the fourth time

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Istog tonight won the Kosovo Cup in handball in women's competition. Istog defeated Ferizaj with a result of 34:29.

Istog has won the Kosovo Cup for the fourth time.

The initial 6: 0 series of Istog, as informed by the Handball Federation of Kosovo, has made the difference. The convincing advantage is held by the istogases until the end of the first half, which ended with a result of 17:12.

In the second half, Ferizaj tried to bring him back into the game. They even came close to three goals, 27:24, but Istog still managed to control the game until the end.

Natalija Milatovi me with 9 goals was the most efficient in Istog.

In Ferizaj, Ana Luisa Chaves stood out with 12 goals.

Chaves has been announced the player of the match by KHF Ferizaj. At KHF Istog, the player of the match was announced Esma Muratovi., Who was also declared the best of the final tournament.

Otherwise, the "Final Four" of the Cup has ended with the handball final. /21Media