Jasharaj: I do not know why the Government has this wrong approach to trade unions

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The President of the United Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosovo (SBAShK), Rrahman Jasharaj, tonight on RTV21 stated that they understand the concerns of parents who speak out against the strike.

He said that they have been and are against the strike. Jasharaj said that there is a total lack of meetings, dialogue.

The President of SBAShK in the show "Argument Plus" emphasized that the Minister of Education, Arbërie Nagavci sometimes avoided meetings.

He said that the wage law has become a mystery, writes rtv21.tv

Jasharaj said that 5 letters were submitted to the Minister of Finance, Works and Transfers, Hekuran Murati to debate.

"No dialogue, not even with Kurti, took place a month ago, just a single meeting, after our joint protest, of SBAShK with the presidents of associations, as well as other unions. "On April 8, we held a protest, after this protest there was only one meeting," he said, among other things.

The head of SBAShK said that he does not know why the Government has the wrong approach to trade unions.

Otherwise, as a sign of revolt for not fulfilling their demands, teachers went on an hour-long strike yesterday. Among their demands, teachers, but also public sector workers, demand an additional 100 euros in salaries until the adoption of the Law on Wages.21Media