Jashari: November is the month of sacrifice and glory

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The mayor of Skenderaj, Bekim Jashari called November the month of glory, turning point, of sacrifice. He said today that thanks to the sacrifice of his family and many martyrs, today Kosovo is free.

On the anniversary of Albania's independence and the emergence of the KLA, Jashari paid homage to the complex where the bodies of more than 50 members of the Jashari family are buried.

"Thanks to them, today we are free and that this date and this month is the month of sacrifice, the month of glory, of the turn of Albanians for centuries. We, as Kosovo Albanians, thanks to the KLA in June 99, managed to crown this freedom. It is an institutional and moral obligation for all of us to be closer to each other and to jointly build and develop this country, as it is best and as the martyrs wanted it ", said Jashari.

In the Jashari family on March 5, 6 and 7, 1998, 59 family members had fallen heroically, including the legendary KLA commander, Adem Jashari.