Jovevski: We expect the DNA collection from the relatives of the victims to end today

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The head of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Northern Macedonia, Lubomir Jovevski, said there was no new information about the tragedy in Bulgaria. Jovevski said that the local authorities are convinced of the professional work of the Prosecution in Bulgaria.

"The prosecution so far has no new information regarding the tragic accident and we have not agreed to hand over all the information. "We are convinced of the professionalism of the Bulgarian prosecutors and that they will clarify all the circumstances surrounding the tragedy," state prosecutor Lubomir Joveski told Telma.

Jovevski confirmed that yesterday there were problems for our forensic experts to enter the autopsy, but they have been overcome and now our forensic representatives are working on the autopsy.

"Yesterday we agreed with the prosecutor leading the investigation in Bulgaria to provide biological traces from the relatives of the victims. Most of these traces during yesterday were collected at the Institute of Forensic Medicine. In the morning I was informed that two or three other family members should provide biological traces and we expect this process to be completed today. We have agreed with the Bulgarian prosecutor to send investigators to provide him with samples of DNA tests to be performed in Skopje, which will be compared with data from the autopsies of the victims and the DNA tests performed. in Sofia ", said Jovevski.

He said that at the moment it is not possible to determine exactly when the bones will be sent from Bulgaria to our country, but he expects that this will be done soon.

Asked about "Besa Trans", the control of this carrier, the technical control and the correctness of the bus, the state prosecutor answered that at this moment he will not comment on certain facts and circumstances.

"During this investigation procedure led by Bulgarian prosecutors, among other things, we expressed readiness to fully cooperate on all these issues, documents and data they need," Jovevski said.

He added that initially the result of the investigation procedure in Bulgaria will be awaited, and then, depending on all this, a relevant decision will be made by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

According to Jovevski, all measures must be taken to prevent such accidents in the future.

"In the part of our competence, it is quite clear that we will wait for the procedure that will take place in Bulgaria because all aspects of the concrete event are examined there. "Yesterday I announced that the documentation for the vehicle has been provided and will be made available to prosecutors in Bulgaria," Jovevski said.

A bus of the company "Besa Trans" from Skopje, with mostly Albanian passengers, rolled yesterday and caught fire in Bulgaria, while returning to the country tourists who were for a weekend in Istanbul, Turkey. In the accident, 46 people lost their lives and 7 others were injured. Among the victims are 12 children.