Kamberi quotes the verses of the national anthem in the Serbian Parliament

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The Albanian member of the Serbian Parliament, Shaip Kamberi, has once again asked when the conditions will be created for the free, public and official use of the Albanian national symbol.

In a Facebook post where he also posted his speech from the Assembly, Kamberi said that a year has passed since his speech on the need for free, public and official use of our national symbol, while the Republic of Serbia is continuing to remain the only country in the region which, by law, prevents national minorities from freely using their symbols "if they are identical to the symbols of other states".

"The degree of intolerance towards the Albanian national symbol in Serbia has been shown by the behavior of hooligans, who have removed the Albanian flag in many places in Belgrade where it was located as part of the state protocol for the visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania , z. Edi Rama. Hooligans are the direct perpetrators of this vandal act, but it should be noted that they are the product of discourse which supports and nurtures anti-Albanian stereotypes, hostility and enmity towards them. Such a discourse, the author of the work 'Imaginary Albanian', Aleksandar Pavlovic, calls 'Albanianism' based on the concept of 'Balkanization' of Marija Todorova, which describes the discourse which creates stereotypes about the Balkans and politics which is "organically related to this discourse," he said.

Kameri added that in this atmosphere, intolerance, open hatred and prejudice against Albanians and everything related to Albanians, adding here discrimination in fundamental rights, the life of Albanians in the Presevo Valley, but also Albanians living inland of the Republic of Serbia, it is difficult.

"In the atmosphere created in which war crimes are denied, criminals are glorified, whose murals are guarded by the police themselves, and if we take into account the reports of international organizations that Serbia has serious setbacks and a return to democracy, then perhaps we should not be surprised. why against a vandal act like the one of removing the Albanian flags in Belgrade the state does not undertake anything. The rulers are silent with pride. "This feeling of pride is beautiful," said Mesha Selimovic, "protects us from repentance." "For many, the dilemma rightly arises whether this act of vandalism against the Albanian flag is part of the 'Open Balkans' project or that of Aleksandar Vulin's 'Serbian World'", he said.

He added that in that session he mentioned the vandalism against the Albanian state flag, but his essential task in that Assembly is to ask why the Albanians of the Presevo Valley, respectively those living in Serbia, can not freely, publicly and officially use the symbol. their national identity, a symbol that essentially represents a part of their identity.

As a country that claims to be part of the EU (although today the question can rightly be asked whether the Republic of Serbia really wants membership), this country must eliminate its discriminatory laws. People are spiritually connected to their identity symbols. People have often, throughout history, even died for those symbols. Therefore, regardless of the current laws, the negative political situation, which denies our symbols, I can say that we will not give up our identity symbols. We will patiently engage and wait when our right to identity over free, public and official use will be realized ", he said while mentioning some of the verses of the flag anthem./ 21Media