Kanye West hit a fan and fled

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Police are investigating Kanye West for allegedly punching a fan who asked for an autograph and a video showing the man lying on the street while Kanye is furious with the people who apparently work for him.

The alleged attack took place around 3am on DTLA, outside Soho Magazine and Ye was absolutely outraged. When the video starts, he is shouting, "Get away from me" to a woman who is trying to calm him down.

Witnesses tell us it was only seconds after Kanye allegedly hit the boy twice - once in the head and once in the neck.

Police were then called to the scene, but Kanye had already left by the time they arrived, rtv21.tv reports.

The fan who refused the medical treatment is said to have filmed the quarrel on his phone. Meanwhile, the police have not yet spoken with the creator of the hit "Stronger".21Media