Osman's advisor reacted to Gjergj Dedaj: He threatened the President and her family, we will denounce him

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Advisor to the President, Vjosa Osmani has reacted to the statements of the former ambassador, Gjergj Dedaj, for whom he said that the scandalous behaviors and statements of the latter reveal the level of degradation of the diplomatic service in previous governments.

According to the councilor, Bekim Kupina, Dedaj without any hesitation used the statement in a live show to make a threat against the life and safety of Vjosa Osmani and her family, for which he will be reported to law enforcement.

"Promoting inciting, hateful and threatening discourse in TV studios or online media can not be considered professional. The news should be the threat that Dedaj makes to the President of the state, but not his lies. This one-sided reporting, this reversal of the news is in total contradiction with the professional principles in journalism. Dedaj's threat is an issue that needs to be addressed by law enforcement and justice. "Giving media space to a person, a recidivist of the misuse of family history for personal gain, is not justified in any way", Kupina wrote on 'Facebook'.

According to Kupina, the media are not clinics for the treatment of complexes, therefore such persons should avoid public presentation in order to maintain hygiene in the field of communication with the public.

"This has to do first and foremost with professionalism. "Do not kill the news", he further wrote./ 21Media