Knife fight in Germany, an Albanian died

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An Albanian citizen was left dead after a fight he had with a Macedonian citizen in Hamburg, Germany.

According to police, he was initially taken to hospital, until he died Thursday evening.

According to German media, the Albanian clashed on Wednesday with a 36-year-old Macedonian. The two men knew each other and it is learned that they have clashed before, writes

Both, according to initial information, had used knives. A 51-year-old Macedonian escort has been seriously injured by a stab wound to the neck. He went to the hospital himself and is now out of danger, reports.

In a search, two men, aged 45 and 59, were initially arrested as potential participants, until they were later released.

How this dispute came about is still unclear. Investigations are ongoing by the police and the public prosecutor's office./21Media