Kosovo Cup with glorious history

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Besa Famgas, Prishtina, Kastrioti and Deçani are the teams that have remained in the competition for the Cup of the Republic of Kosovo in handball in men's competition.

The Kosovo Handball Federation has announced that the semifinal matches, Deçan - Kastrioti (18:00), Prishtina - Besa Famgas (20:00), take place on Saturday at the "Bill Clinton" gym in Ferizaj.

All these teams are aware of the glorious history of racing for the Kosovo Cup. It is a race with a long and rich tradition. It has been played since the early 70s.

Besa Famgas has won in the past two years, and in 2019, the winner was Kastriot of Ferizaj. Kastriot had stopped the Besa series launched in 2014.

In 2013 the winner of the Cup was Prishtina, while in 2010, 2011 and 2012 the Cup was enjoyed by Besa Famiglia (now Besa Famgas).

Below we present the winning teams since the independence of Kosovar sports.

2020/21 Besa Famgas

2019/20 Besa Famgas

2018/19 Kastrioti

2017/18 Besa Famgas

2016/17 Besa Famiglia

2015/16 Besa Famiglia

2014/15 Besa Famiglia

2013/14 Besa Famiglia

2012/13 Prishtina

2011/12 Besa Famiglia

2010/11 Besa Famiglia

2009/10 Besa Famiglia

2008/09 Kastrioti

2007/08 Prishtina

2006/07 Kastrioti

2005/06 Kastrioti

2004/05 BESA

2003/04 Kastrioti

2002/03 BESA

2001/02 Trepça

2000/01 Prishtina

1999/00 Prizren

1998/99 (Cup did not take place due to war)

1997/98 (Cup did not take place due to war)

1996/97 Brotherhood

1995/96 BESA

1994/95 Llapi

1993/94 Trepça

1992/93 Prishtina

1991/92 Kastrioti.