Kurti: Today's US decision confirms the legitimacy of the actions of the Police weeks ago

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The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said that the decision of the United States of America to identify individual names and sanctions against Zvonko Veselinovic and the organized criminal group operating in the north of Kosovo is very welcome.

Responsible for trafficking in goods, money, narcotics and weapons between Kosovo and Serbia, this group, according to Kurti, is the best evidence that crime in northern Kosovo is a daily reality that violates the rule of law and the rights, freedoms and goods of citizens.

He further said that today's US decision confirms the legitimacy of the actions of the Kosovo Police weeks ago in the northern municipality of Mitrovica against smugglers of illegal goods.

"We will fight the links of interethnic cooperation of criminal groups and their transnational scope through the cooperation of officials of our institutions regardless of ethnicity and international cooperation with our allies and partners. Organized crime is a threat to national security. The Republic of Kosovo belongs to all its citizens. "The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has as a priority the fight against organized crime and corruption", wrote Kurti on Facebook.

Otherwise, the United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on dozens of individuals and entities across Europe and the Western Hemisphere, targeting an organized crime group based in northern Kosovo. The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control has targeted the group of Serbian businessman Zvonko Veselinovic.21Media