Kurti congratulated the Special Intervention Unit on its 15th anniversary

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On the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Special Intervention Unit, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, today visited the camp of this unit, where he congratulated him for his work, commitment and unstinting and unreserved contribution in Kosovo. the rule of law and security for all citizens of the Republic.

As informed by the Office of the Prime Minister, Kurti said that the Government is at the service of citizens, but also at the service of state mechanisms such as the Kosovo Police, without whom we can not maintain the development, progress, well-being and dignity of the citizen of the Republic.

The Prime Minister said that the members of the Special Intervention Unit are fully aware of their needs and the shortcomings that exist and also the opportunities they need to add, from the issue of lack of equipment and weapons in some of the units, additional protections. in terms of high risk and wage issue.

Kurti said such needs and shortages will be addressed with priority not only by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but by the entire government cabinet.

Expressing gratitude for the sacrifice and dangerous situations they face in their work, for the Republic of Kosovo to always be a place of constitutionality, legality, justice and security, Prime Minister Kurti congratulated them on the 15th anniversary of its establishment and congratulated the commanders of the units in particular for their commitment ", it was announced in the communiqué.21Media