Kurti: Dubrava is one of the darkest events of the second half of the century

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The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti has commemorated the 23rd anniversary of the Dubrava Massacre, in which the Serbian regime from 19-24 May 1999, killed 160 Albanian prisoners inside the prison and injured 300 others.

Kurti through a post on "Facebook" said that Dubrava is one of the gloomiest events of the second half of the century.

"That prison should have been preserved as the scene of an extraordinary crime. Traces of bullets of any kind should not disappear through the prison walls. Everything happened in that event. As described in Enver Dugolli's book, "The Unclosed Circuit of Prisons", death hung over people, death lay beside the living, death was expected to come from heaven. Dubrava is the most macabre testimony of an invader who feels he is coming to an end. He kills by any means, and shoots at anyone, even the most defenseless prisoners. We have read such facts in world history. History will not stop producing such horrors. "Unfortunately, we will hear very soon about the Russian deeds in the aggression against Ukraine", wrote Kurti.

The Prime Minister further wrote that in Dubrava, the Serbian occupier gathered a large number of political prisoners.

"Feeling that the end had come, from his most perverse and bloody imagination he built the execution plot that lasted several days. He lined up all the prisoners in the square at the end of the prison and aimed at them the barrels of every type of weapon at his disposal, from all heights he could devise. It hit them from outside the walls. The invader at his end was far more afraid than the disarmed prisoners. He constituted a mass of sadists. The death he sowed was not enough. He had to kill all the prisoners. No one was to be left alive to testify, so he undertook several executive expeditions. And yet he could not. The testimonies are creepy, but the heroic acts of some prisoners who came to the aid of their comrades are also creepy. It remains a sign of heroism that measure of organization among prisoners, for protection, treatment or food. "Above all, when the living stood in the same square with their slain comrades," he wrote.

Kurti said that the Dubrava massacre is a crime against humanity and a genocidal act.

"Dubrava, must be confessed. Her testimonies must be read. The cruel invader failed to end the massacre. "Dubrava must be explained and understood even better, because it is a crime against humanity and a genocidal act," he said.