Kurti expressed his condolences to the Zymberi family

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The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, today expressed his condolences to the Zymberi family for the death of Muharrem Zymberi, the father of the hero Enver Zymberi.

Kurti emphasized that Baca Rremë lived with the high sense of patriotism, with which he nurtured and raised his descendants, who have honorably contributed and continue to contribute to the Republic of Kosovo.

"His life and activity was and will remain an inspiration for all those who exalt the values ​​of the nation and embody them in work and commitment to the homeland. He was the example of a patriotic man, brave and stable, hardworking and kind, with unstinting devotion to Kosovo. "We will always remember him like that", wrote Kurti.

Today, the father of Enver Zymeri, the police officer of the special forces unit on duty, has died. The news of Muharrem Zymberi's death was announced by his family through a Facebook post./21Media