Kurti: The amount of information is increasing, there are still no suspects for the triple murder in Gllogjan

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For the triple murder in Gllogjan of Deçan, there are still no suspects. Kosovo Police are interviewing potential witnesses and other people who have had contact with the bus driver and two deceased students.

After the funeral ceremony of the two young men who were killed on Friday in Gllogjan of Deçan, Prime Minister Albin Kurti met with ministers at the Police Station in Deçan, the director of the Kosovo Police, Samedin Mehmeti.

The chief executive said that maximum efforts are being made to find the hand or hands. He emphasized once again that the government will offer a reward of 20 thousand euros to those who help solve this case.

"I learned that they have increased the efforts, the amount of information is increasing, but we still do not have the solution. When we are on the verge of 48 hours, unfortunately we still do not have the solution, but there is no lack of commitment. "The number of officials who are dealing with the investigation and research has increased so that all the people of Kosovo, especially families and relatives can rest peacefully, bringing the killer or killers to justice", said Kurti after this meeting .

Even after 48 hours, since the attack on the bus that was carrying students, there are no suspects.

"Currently we do not have the suspect or the defendant. Once we have the information we will probably let you know. The amount of information is increasing with the research and investigation that is being done. Even from the scene, but also from the interrogation of witnesses. "But we do not have the name or specific names of the killer," he added.

Kosovo Police Director Samedin Mehmeti said that serious crime investigators are engaged in this police operation and the interrogation of potential witnesses.

"We are working on two or three tracks, respectively, which could potentially be different motives, which could have led to the murder. We are working not only with the Bus Station and with the people who had contact with the driver and the victims, but also with all the people who could have had contact or information about the case ", stated Mehmeti.

This afternoon, hundreds of citizens participated in the funeral of students Genta Mustafaj and Ledion Hamzaj. Two days ago on this road, a bus of the Gjakova-Deçan line was attacked, which was transporting students. Three people were killed in this attack.