Kurti met the investors in Dallas, mentioned the reasons for investing in Kosovo

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The Prime Minister, Albin Kurti met with investors, academics and professionals at the World Affairs Council of Dallas / Fort Worth.

 Kosovo's professional workforce, low operating costs for Information Technology companies, economic development and democratic progress were singled out by Kurti as the reason why Kosovo offers a golden opportunity for new investments.

He stressed the attractive climate for investment in Kosovo, especially in the information technology sector. Over 650 companies in this sector, 70% of which export services mainly to the US and the EU, show the great and proven potential of this sector in Kosovo.

Taking into account these special qualities of the IT sector in Kosovo, the Prime Minister invited investors focused on this sector to include Kosovo in their plans for contracting services.

 Citing the assistance the Kosovar diaspora has provided in financing the health and education systems before and during the war, followed by the 1999 liberation war and post-war reconstruction efforts, he highlighted the diaspora's potential in the US for joint investments in Kosovo.

Kurti also stressed the Government's readiness to provide and ensure favorable conditions for foreign investment.

Stressing high confidence in the government, the prime minister singled out the record annual improvement for 17 countries in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index.

"The adoption of the law on the Commercial Court, which will serve to increase the efficiency of handling economic disputes, and the revision of existing laws are aimed at providing the most favorable and appropriate conditions for doing business," said the Prime Minister. /21Media