Kurti met with representatives of the Energy Community

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During the official visit to Austria, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, was received in a meeting by Dirk Buschle, Director of the Secretariat and Arben Kllokoqi, Electricity Market Expert at the Secretariat of the Energy Community.

Representatives of the Energy Community have emphasized their readiness to support Kosovo in every possible aspect, including the vision for the energy sector and the energy transition.

Decarbonization is possible and Kosovo could become a case, which proves that we can become greener even when 95% of production depends on fossil fuels, they said.

It was also said that Kosovo should use its coal capacities, while gradual removal should be started, in the right way, and there should be rehabilitation measures to support the transition.

Kurti singled out the work of the Government for the National Energy Strategy 2022-2031, which for the first time in Kosovo is drafted based on data and studies.

There was also talk of merging energy markets, in line with the European Agenda for Market Integration.

Problematic issues of interconnection between Kosovo and Serbia, which is not being used commercially, due to obstacles from the Serbian side, were further discussed. The challenges of electricity supply were also discussed, as we are approaching the winter season, in a period of tremendous rise in electricity prices.21Media