Kurti: Serbia is neither a democratic country nor neutral to the Russian invasion

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Prime Minister Albin Kurti stated that over 18 thousand Serbs from Kosovo went to Serbia on Sunday, while over 15 thousand of them were voters. According to him, not even 20% of Kosovo Serbs voted. Regarding the elections in Serbia, the chief executive says that they only have a date as the winner is known due to the lack of democracy. Kurti said that Albanians in the Presevo Valley have been done a great injustice and the bad result in the elections may have been influenced by the passivity of over 6 thousand addresses. He called on the European Union to be tougher on Serbia, which is not even condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The head of government assessed that the situation on Sunday, April 3, was peaceful as Serb citizens with Kosovo citizenship went to Serbia to vote. He said that this proves that the Republic of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state guarantees the security of all citizens.

He thanked the Kosovo Police for professionalism and efficiency in managing the situation that started with the organization of buses in Serb-majority municipalities until their return back to the Republic of Kosovo.

"Serbian elections were not held yesterday in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo because we did not have a preliminary agreement as we requested. Serbia held the elections on this occasion I thank the Kosovo Police for professionalism and efficiency. But also Serbian citizens who have Serbian citizenship in addition to Kosovo who were calm as they went to the four municipalities in Serbia to vote there. Everything was peaceful. This proved that the Republic of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state guarantees the security of all citizens of the Republic without distinction. According to the data I received yesterday until the evening hours, over 18 thousand citizens went from Kosovo to Serbia. Of these, it is estimated that 15 were voters for the elections in Serbia. When we consider that the total number of Serbs in Kosovo is about 130 thousand and at the same time considering that not everyone has the right to vote, their turnout in the elections in Serbia has been lower than 20 percent. "About 170 buses and minibuses went, but also many others with their private cars", said Kurti.

Despite numerous calls from internationals that there should be a solution to allow Serbian elections to be held in the territory of the Republic, this did not happen as Serbia refused to reach an agreement with the Kosovo authorities.

Kurti stressed that Kosovo is a country that loves peace and democracy and that preserves the constitutionality and rule of law and that does not violate the rights of anyone. Although he reiterated that he could not allow another country to hold elections until there was an agreement.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo stated that Serbia is neither a democratic nor a neutral country when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"In Serbia there are no dilemmas about the outcome of the elections but only about their date, because Serbia is not a democratic country but even in the face of military aggression and Russian invasion it is not a neutral state, autocracy continues there and I believe it is the last time the Union "Europe should condemn this autocracy which is not condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine", declared Kurti./kp