Latifi met with the Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, a common goal of vaccination

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The Minister of Health, Rifat Latifi met today with the Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Ambassador Michael Davenport.

In this meeting, Latifi spoke with the Ambassador about the MoH commitments related to the situation around COVID-19, focusing on the process of vaccination of the population and other projects and commitments, in order to ensure complete access to health services, in especially for the population in more peripheral and deeper areas through telemedicine technology.

Ambassador Davenport stressed that the OSCE mission in Kosovo remains focused on the field of democracy building, respect for human rights and security and cooperation, while expressing the mission's readiness to assist various segments in the field of health-related services provided to communities in the field.

Through a press release it was announced that Minister Latifi and Ambassador Davenport have emphasized the importance of vaccination of the entire population in Kosovo and not only in the case of Covid-19, while the common goal is to cover vaccination of all communities living in Kosovo. including the most vulnerable groups.

They agreed on a future cooperation in those areas where there is a need for interventions that increase the trust and security of health services by all citizens of Kosovo.21Media