Lawyer Musa says that the decision of the Special has essential violations

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Specialized Rooms i found guilty today Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj for obstructing the administration of justice, sentencing them to four and a half years in prison and a fine of 100 euros.

Lawyer Skender Musa, considers the decision unfair, for which he says that there are essential violations and violations of criminal law.

"I consider the decision to be unfair and there are essential violations, violations of criminal law and the objective situation has not been proven, but the criminal sanction is also high. "I consider that there were no elements of the criminal offense of obstruction of justice and there is no case of intimidation of witnesses," Musa told

The leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army War Veterans Organization were acquitted of the revenge charge.

Gucati and Haradinaj were charged by the Specialized Prosecutor's Office with criminal offenses against the administration of justice, namely for obstructing officials in the performance of official duties, intimidation of witnesses, revenge and violation of the secrecy of the procedure.

The guilty verdict can be appealed within 30 days to the panel of the Court of Appeals in The Hague, which operates under the laws of Kosovo.21Media