Love life

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Poems by Mother Teresa


Love life

Love life as it is
love completely, without pretensions;
love when they love you or when they hate you,
love when no one understands you,
or when everyone understands.

Love when everyone abandons you,
or when in heaven they ascend as kings.
Love when everything is stolen,
or when they donate.
Love when it makes sense
or when it appears that there is no thread.

Love in complete happiness
or in absolute solitude.
Love when you are strong,
or when you feel powerless.
Love when you are afraid,
or when you have a mountain of courage.
Love not only for great pleasures
and wonderful successes;
love even for small joys.

Love even though it does not give you what it can,
love even though it is not as you would like.
Love every time you are born
and whenever you are dying.
But never love without love.