Masking masters, what you see in the picture

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The incredible camouflage skills of an owl have been captured by an amateur photographer in Canada.

Tourist Chi Kit Leong, captured stunning photos while visiting the Thompson-Nicola region of British Columbia.

In one of the images, the owl is seen sitting on a branch with its face turned towards the tree, reports.

The photo, shot shows how its feathers blend perfectly into the color of the bark, making it almost invisible.

It is just one of thousands of examples of animals mixing in their habitats to hide from predators.

In November last year, a deadly crocodile was caught perfectly disguised in a mud pit in Australia.

In June, a leopard was found hiding in an image captured by amateur photographer Abhinav Garg while on a trip to the Aravali hills outside Jaipur, India. The 34-year-old did not realize that he had captured the wild cat in the photo until he returned home, despite waiting for hours hoping to capture the sight of the rare animal.21Media