Millions were spent, but the fountain in the square does not work

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As temperatures rose, the fountain at the monument to Alexander the Great and those in Philip II Square were released, but not the fountain in the middle of Skopje Square.

"Although the fountain at Alexander the Great has been released, the fountain in the middle of the city has not been functional for some time now, even though millions of denars have been spent on its construction."

This fountain, which is very attractive for the citizens, especially the little ones, is often out of order. In that part where water was springing now pass the citizens, but with extra attention, because the tiles are not repaired properly.

The city of Skopje blamed the previous government.

"The cubic mosaic fountain located in Macedonia Square in the past period was not put into operation due to certain damage to some mechanisms in the underground levels of the fountain as a result of negligence in recent years. "Teams of PE" Water Supply and Sewerage "are working on repairing the defect" - say from the City of Skopje.

The surface fountain was built seven years ago when Koce Trajanovski led Skopje, as part of a 2.5m-euro square project.

In addition, the fountains located on the Vardar River are still not functional.

Otherwise, 35 million denars are "poured" annually for the maintenance of the fountains in the square "Macedonia", the square "Philip II" and the fountains in the park "Woman Warrior" located in the center of Skopje./TV21