WHO: The end of the pandemic is far away!

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The Covid-19 pandemic will end "when the world decides to end it" because "all the means" to fight the virus are already available, the Secretary-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday. .

"The pandemic will end when the world decides to end it, it is in our hands, all the necessary tools are available," said the head of the WHO at a conference in Berlin, reports AFP.

Gebrejesus expressed regret that so far "the world has not used those tools wisely" and stressed that "with about 50.000 deaths worldwide in one week and that the pandemic is far from over."

Speaking at the grand opening of the World Health Summit, an annual meeting of professionals and politicians in Berlin, Gebrejesus noted the WHO target that 40% of the population of any country be vaccinated by the end of this year and 70% by in the middle of next year.

The French agency notes that the Secretary-General of the World Health Organization regularly states that he regrets the accumulation of COVID vaccines in rich countries.

"Countries that have already vaccinated 40 percent of the population, including the G20, should leave their quantities in the distribution of vaccines in the international Covax system and the African Vaccine Procurement Fund (AVAT) created by the African Union," Gebrejesus said.

He suggested that "vaccine manufacturers should share their knowledge, technologies and licenses and relinquish their intellectual property rights."

In a video message recorded to the rally participants, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres assessed that "the success of vaccines, developed and placed on the market in record time, was overshadowed by the tragedy of the distribution of unfair. ”

"We are all threatened by nationalism and the accumulation of vaccines," Guterres warned./ ED-21Media