The Assembly convenes in plenary session on Thursday

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The Presidency of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, in today's meeting, the first for this session, decided to hold a plenary session on Thursday, January 20th.

In the next session, it is expected to review several draft laws, to hold a debate, as well as to review other issues set out in the agenda.

The session will begin with statements off the agenda and parliamentary questions, to continue with the replacement of members in parliamentary committees.

Following the session, MPs will debate on raising prices. After the debate, the Assembly will enter the part of reviewing the draft laws.

Initially, it is expected to review the Draft Law no. 08 / L-101 on Ratification of the Financing Agreement between the Republic of Kosovo represented by the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers, and the International Development Association for the project “Assistance System Reform Project in Kosovo ”, to continue with the second reading of three draft laws: Draft Law no. 08 / L-013 on property rights of foreign citizens in the Republic of Kosovo, Draft Law no. 08 / L-015 on the Commercial Court, as well as the Draft Law no. 08 / L-057 on amending and supplementing the Law 04 / L-089 on Humanitarian Demining.

The session is expected to continue with the first reading of the Draft Law no. 08 / L-023 on amending and supplementing Law no. 03 / L-064 on official holidays in the Republic of Kosovo, to conclude with the review of the Annual Report of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals for 2020.

After the end of this session, the session with the unfinished points will continue on December 24, 28 and 29, 2021./ 21Media