Osmani for TV21: I visited the patients, they are in good health

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani visited the patients, injured in the tragic accident on the Struma highway in Bulgaria.

After their visit, in an interview for TV21 in front of the hospital where the patients are staying, Osmani assured that the injured are in good health.
According to the warnings he has received, the first two patients may be released on Friday for home treatment.

Osmani also recommended their relocation to Skopje hospitals, as a transitional phase, but the doctors advised them to stay in the hospital where they are at the moment.

"They are in good health and stable, in terms of not being life-threatening. Warnings, doctors' assessments are that maybe the first two, sometime around Friday can be released in home remedies. But, here also the question arises whether there is anyone who treats them in home healing. I offered you to be extended to the Hospitals of Skopje, as a transitional phase, but this will be their professional assessment, so I can conclude that the health condition is good ", said Osmani./TV21