Osmani remembers the brothers Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka: Whoever fought for honor, will find honor

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The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani has remembered Jusuf and Bardhosh Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka, on the 40th anniversary of their murder.

President Osmani published a statement by Jusuf Gërvalle on Facebook.

"The path of honor is the most difficult, but the best and the only true path for one. "And whoever strives for honor, will find honor."

On January 17, 1982, brothers Jusuf and Bardhosh Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka were assassinated. Although 40 years have passed, that day remains forever fresh with its mourning not only for the families, but also for a number of people who have been spiritually and organizationally connected to the activists./ 21Media